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Skimming the surface

Looking behind the clouds

Looking behind the clouds

Recently a friend sent us the following little riddle:

Try and count the number of ‘F’s in the text below.


Did you get 3 or 4?

If you got 3 or 4, then you are incorrect. Try once more.

Still 3 or 4?

The actual answer is 6. If you still cannot see them, email us, and we will give you a clue on how to find them.

The above trick works because over time, we learn to skim through information.

It is said that one issue of New York Times contains more information than an 18th century man would have come across in a lifetime.

No wonder our brains want to skim. We simply have no more time to cope with all the information we get and need to digest. Our daily treadmill forces us to do things faster and faster without having time to stop and look at the details. Often we are hardly able to take a break, relax, think, look with more attention, feel that we live.

If this is your daily routine wouldn´t it be great to take a time out, to find a place to relax to recharge your batteries to feel alive again.

Imagine sitting on the terrace of an old italian country estate sipping a glass of good local red wine, listening to the singing of the birds, watching the smooth hills on the horizon, letting your thoughts wander. Imagine visiting a little restaurant in the nearby village enjoying excellent Italian food and a lot of time for yourself. Feel how your energy is restored, feel how your mind becomes clear again. Free yourself for a while from the treadmill. Come to a rest.

Imagine visiting the local market in a small Italian country town, buying fresh tasty food. Take your time. Look at everything. Enjoy the variety! Choose with care, your favourite salami, the best pecorino or parmesan cheese, raw air dried ham, fruit and vegetables that really still taste as they should.

Back at home in your holiday apartment cook a delicious simple dish with your partner or with some friends instead of swallowing some fast food in between two appointments. Slow down! Live´s to short to rush through.

For you Villa La Rogaia might be just the right place to discover the essential things again instead of just skimming the surface.

Looking behind the clouds, II (photo by Wolfgang Sandt)

Looking behind the clouds, II (photo by Wolfgang Sandt)


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