When I was young, I never would have done this…

Years ago I never would have considered to do this...

Years ago I never would have considered to do this...

When I was almost twenty, for the first time in my life together with my girl friend I booked a holiday (an incredible step, feeling real adultJ)
Of course we were asked if we wanted to book a travel insurance as well.
It was fairly inexpensive (Five German Marks if I remember well) but I thought it to be completely square – money thrown out of the window supposed only to make insurances rich…
It was understood that we didn´t sign up for the travel insurance.

While I was still a young man travel insurances weren´t an issue for me for any of my travels. “You cannot insure yourself against all the things that might happen to you…” was my unbeatable argument.
Apart of that I had a profound suspicion against insurances and myself being an artist a travel insurance was something from another world.

Anyway insurances were certainly not for me.
It was only when I came to know my wife that I got more interested in travel insurances. She had already traveled more than I, had had always a travel insurance and to my big surprise had even received money one time she couldn’t travel due to illness.

In the end it was two things which made me change my attitude about insurances at least a little bit.

One thing is that now having children of our own it has become fairly normal for us to book an insurance before we are going for a longer holiday.
To throw out of the window the travel costs for an entire family is simply too expensive for us. And being a family of four it can happen quickly that someone gets sick.

The other thing is that being organizers of creative classes and offering holiday apartments ourselves we realize that it happens more  often that someone has to cancel a holiday due to illness than we thought possible before.
That is bad enough. We all are looking forward to our holidays, don´t we.
Even worse if you lose also the money you paid for your vacation.

Of course if someone has to cancel we as organizers try our very best to find someone else to fill  the vacant space in the creative classes or holiday apartments (And I am convinced that all the other serious organizers do this as well).

Unfortunately however that doesn´t work out all the time and as organizers we simply cannot take the private risks of our guests.

That´s why we recommend to all our guests to get a travel insurance according to their specific needs.

Yet as most of us are not thinking too much about travel insurances most of the time, many wouldn´t even know where to book (Actually I didn´t before I met my wife J)

To make research easy for you we have set up a link on our website were you can get information about travel insurances easy and without any obligations…


So why don´t you just risk a look…?


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