World Food Summit in Rome please take action against hunger

La Rogaia is not only an organizer of holidays and creative classes but also an organic farm trying to take a road different from the widespread industrial agriculture with all its negative consequences.

Therefore we support all efforts for a solidary, eco-conscious world. Being an enterprise in Italy we also feel that we have a special responsability to make  the world food summit in Rome a success, helping the poor in the world and providing sufficient food for all.

We have just signed the petition from Avaaz  urging world leaders to make good on their promises to tackle the world food crisis by delivering a $20 billion agriculture and food security package for developing countries.

Next week’s World Food Summit in Rome is our best chance to hold world leaders to their minimum commitments and push them to take significant action to tackle global hunger. If enough of us sign this petition, our global call will be heard and key actions could be agreed during the summit.

Click here to sign the petition:


With the recent financial crisis, poverty is skyrocketing in poorer countries, with 1 in 6 people on the planet now facing life-threatening hunger.

Next week, leaders will meet at the World Food Summit in Rome to address this growing crisis. The best solution is funding to boost sustainable agriculture in poorer countries, but France, Germany, UK, Italy and Japan are backing out on a $20 billion promise made earlier this year.

Millions of lives are on the line. Sign the petition below for rich countries to keep their promises, and it will be delivered directly to world leaders through a spectacular stunt at the Roman Colosseum on the eve of the Summit:

The world produces enough food to feed everyone. Yet the number of people suffering from chronic hunger across the planet has reached the record-high figure of 1 billion this year.

Hundreds of billions are spent by wealthy governments to bail out banks and financial institutions, but the G8 countries are trying to cut a promised $20 billion commitment to agricultural investment to only $3 billion in new money. With literally millions of lives on the line, this is a scandal.

The Rome summit is also our best opportunity to push governments to promote small holder agricultural production — growing evidence shows that intensive farming models are not effectively countering hunger and have a highly damaging impact on our environment.

We are teaming up with anti-poverty organisation ActionAid and global farmers networks to show our governments that we refuse to accept a world where people die every minute from hunger. Sign the petition to the Rome Summit — every signature will be represented at a stunning delivery event at Rome’s Colloseum:

With hope,

Luis, Alice, Benjamin, Graziela, Ricken, Pascal, Iain, Paula, Paul, Veronique and the entire Avaaz Team


Global Hunger worsening, warns UN:

Only 15% of G8 pledge is new money, Reuters:

ActionAid’s HungerFREE Scorecard Investigates why a Billion People are Hungry:

More information about ActionAid´s HungerFREE global campaign at:

World Food Day: There is enough food grown in the world for everyone (Op-ed), Oxfam International:

About the World Food Summit:


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