A real insider tip for travelers in Umbria the tulip festival „Festa del Tulipano“ in Castiglione Del Lago

Normally you rather think of Holland when talking about tulips or tulip celebrations. So you might be astonished to hear that there is also a big tulip festival in Italy.

Castiglione del Lago is a pittoresque little town, situated on a peninsula in the Trasimeno Lake, the “Umbrian Sea”. There since 1956 the inhabitants celebrate every year in spring time the “Festa del Tulipano”.

The whole town is decorated with tulip flowers and the locals competing  among each other creating the most beautiful decorations on windows and balconies trying to win

Flower decorations at the "Festa del Tulipano" in Castiglione del Lago

one of the prices awarded by the severe local jury .

During the five days of the tulip festival you can enjoy  entertainment almost around the clock.

You find street theaters, buskers, folk dance groups, processions and games of the „Nobles“ and the „Common people“ in historical costumes, handed down to us in old chronics. On Sunday the festival culminates into a big procession with flower decorated carts, displaying allegorical as well as satirical motives. For this carts literally thousands of tulip flowers (usually the ones to short to be sold) are arranged painstakingly to artistic compositions.

Of course you will find lots of culinary treats as well.

Taverns are set up in the whole town, where you can taste typical dishes based on medieval and renaissance recipes.
The  tulip festival is anchored firmly in the history of Castigliones, everybody is enthusiastic about it and it is really typical Italian. Yet you might like to know  “Who invented it?”…

Do you guess the answer?

It where not the Italians,



“The Dutch”!
In the fifties some Dutch families had settled down in Castiglione del Lago, to cultivate tulip bulbs on the shore of Lake Trasimeno. From their home they brought the custom to salute spring with a tulip celebration and established with the  “Festa del Tulipano” a new tradition in the very heart of Umbria .

By the way: From Villa La Rogaia you can reach Castiglione del Lago and the tulip festival comfortably by car.


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