When I was young, I never would have done this…

Years ago I never would have considered to do this...

Years ago I never would have considered to do this...

When I was almost twenty, for the first time in my life together with my girl friend I booked a holiday (an incredible step, feeling real adultJ)
Of course we were asked if we wanted to book a travel insurance as well.
It was fairly inexpensive (Five German Marks if I remember well) but I thought it to be completely square – money thrown out of the window supposed only to make insurances rich…
It was understood that we didn´t sign up for the travel insurance.

While I was still a young man travel insurances weren´t an issue for me for any of my travels. “You cannot insure yourself against all the things that might happen to you…” was my unbeatable argument.
Apart of that I had a profound suspicion against insurances and myself being an artist a travel insurance was something from another world.

Anyway insurances were certainly not for me.
It was only when I came to know my wife that I got more interested in travel insurances. She had already traveled more than I, had had always a travel insurance and to my big surprise had even received money one time she couldn’t travel due to illness.

In the end it was two things which made me change my attitude about insurances at least a little bit.

One thing is that now having children of our own it has become fairly normal for us to book an insurance before we are going for a longer holiday.
To throw out of the window the travel costs for an entire family is simply too expensive for us. And being a family of four it can happen quickly that someone gets sick.

The other thing is that being organizers of creative classes and offering holiday apartments ourselves we realize that it happens more  often that someone has to cancel a holiday due to illness than we thought possible before.
That is bad enough. We all are looking forward to our holidays, don´t we.
Even worse if you lose also the money you paid for your vacation.

Of course if someone has to cancel we as organizers try our very best to find someone else to fill  the vacant space in the creative classes or holiday apartments (And I am convinced that all the other serious organizers do this as well).

Unfortunately however that doesn´t work out all the time and as organizers we simply cannot take the private risks of our guests.

That´s why we recommend to all our guests to get a travel insurance according to their specific needs.

Yet as most of us are not thinking too much about travel insurances most of the time, many wouldn´t even know where to book (Actually I didn´t before I met my wife J)

To make research easy for you we have set up a link on our website were you can get information about travel insurances easy and without any obligations…


So why don´t you just risk a look…?


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Sunset at Lago Trasimeno

Tonight we had a most spectacular sunset.  Unfortunately the picture can reflect only a small part of its beauty.

Sunset at Lago Trasimeno

Sunset at Lago Trasimeno

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Did you ever ask yourself „why are spaghetti called spaghetti”

We all  have splatted ourselves at least once with spaghetti sauce, havent´t we…?
Not very astonishing given the fact that those long noodles are not so easy to eat.
If you wrap too much of them around your fork they quickly pile up to a dumpling the size of a ball of wool which nobody can stuff into the mouth without coll(e)ateral damage.
If you take too few they are slipping back onto the plate in a split second .
If you slurp them in bent deeply over your plate (not very elegant but acceptable) you can be sure that their very last end spills the sauce over the whole table in a slight swerve before it finishes in your mouth.
Real fun however we have always when there are children at the table…

Of course nowadays everybody knows that spaghetti (and all the other pasta as well) has to be “al dente” , which means that they mustn´t have by no way the consistence of porridge when they are served.
So far we know already a lot about spaghetti.
But do you also know why spaghetti are called spaghetti?

What do you think? Is it more difficult to make spaghetti or to eat them...

What do you think? Is it more difficult to make spaghetti or to eat them...

And here´s the answer…

Spaghetto is the diminuitive of the italian word spago (packthread, cord, string) which is derived from the latin spacus.
Spaghetti are also simply string noodles
P.S. But here´s the additional question. Why do Italians write write spaghetti with an h?
So, who knows this…?

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Sculptures at La Rogaia

The little "La Rogaia" sculpture guarding the entrance

The little "La Rogaia" sculpture guarding the entrance

Sculptures at La Rogaia

At Villa La Rogaia you find a lot of sculptures in the garden around the house. Actually we are creating a sculpture park to make La Rogaia even more beautiful and inspiring…

We will tell you more about the artwork at La Rogaia soon on this blog…

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Would the governator like this

Barbarian warriors patrolling the streets of Castel Rigone

Barbarian warriors patrolling the streets of Castel Rigone

It happens every summer during the first days of August in a little mountain village in Italy…

Normally peaceful villagers take up swords, shields and battleaxes…

They dress in fur tunics and helmets decorated with big cow horns and celebrate the

“Invasion of the Barbarians”,     “La Calata degli Barbari”

Look-alikes of Conan are populating the street hoarse shouts and ringing of steel on steel can be heard everywhere

Warriors on battle horses are parading in the street hailing their captain.

Of course there´s a campsite, wagons, tents, campfires with big cauldrons of barbarian food…

We are at Castel Rigone in Umbria at the Lago Trasimeno, not far from the place where the Romans were utterly defeated by Hannibal.

The special thing about Castel Rigone however is that it is no Roman or Etruscan foundation as you might expect in this part of the world…

Indeed Castel Rigone has been founded by Arrigo Rigone (who gave castle and town its name) a lieutenant of the Ostrogoth king Theoderich.

In remembrance of that historic eventthe only one in Italy so far the inhabitants of Castel Rigone are celebrating the “Invasion of the Barbarians” and visitors come from far to participate or simply watch the spectacle.

Oh, and of course we think the governator might like it.

Arrival of the Barbarians

Arrival of the Barbarians

P.S. As we are in Italy the “barbarian” women of the village never deign themselves to wear stinky old fur. A certain style must be maintained of course. And thus our barbarian ladies definitely prefer silk and jewels.

Italian "barbarian" ladies prefer silk and jewels

Italian "barbarian" ladies prefer silk and jewels

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Skimming the surface

Looking behind the clouds

Looking behind the clouds

Recently a friend sent us the following little riddle:

Try and count the number of ‘F’s in the text below.


Did you get 3 or 4?

If you got 3 or 4, then you are incorrect. Try once more.

Still 3 or 4?

The actual answer is 6. If you still cannot see them, email us, and we will give you a clue on how to find them.

The above trick works because over time, we learn to skim through information.

It is said that one issue of New York Times contains more information than an 18th century man would have come across in a lifetime.

No wonder our brains want to skim. We simply have no more time to cope with all the information we get and need to digest. Our daily treadmill forces us to do things faster and faster without having time to stop and look at the details. Often we are hardly able to take a break, relax, think, look with more attention, feel that we live.

If this is your daily routine wouldn´t it be great to take a time out, to find a place to relax to recharge your batteries to feel alive again.

Imagine sitting on the terrace of an old italian country estate sipping a glass of good local red wine, listening to the singing of the birds, watching the smooth hills on the horizon, letting your thoughts wander. Imagine visiting a little restaurant in the nearby village enjoying excellent Italian food and a lot of time for yourself. Feel how your energy is restored, feel how your mind becomes clear again. Free yourself for a while from the treadmill. Come to a rest.

Imagine visiting the local market in a small Italian country town, buying fresh tasty food. Take your time. Look at everything. Enjoy the variety! Choose with care, your favourite salami, the best pecorino or parmesan cheese, raw air dried ham, fruit and vegetables that really still taste as they should.

Back at home in your holiday apartment cook a delicious simple dish with your partner or with some friends instead of swallowing some fast food in between two appointments. Slow down! Live´s to short to rush through.

For you Villa La Rogaia might be just the right place to discover the essential things again instead of just skimming the surface.

Looking behind the clouds, II (photo by Wolfgang Sandt)

Looking behind the clouds, II (photo by Wolfgang Sandt)

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